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3D Hobbyists Video Articles

Build Your Own CLOG DETECTOR | NEW VERSION! Connectivity With Your 3D Printer And PCB Based

This is version 2 of a small device that allows you to detect if the nozzle of your 3D printer clogs while it's running. The building process is way easier now since it is based on a PCB instead of using wires.  . In...

3D Printing Basics: Where to get printable models! (Ep5)

Design or download - why not both? In this video, I'm covering the options of creating your own printable models and where to and not to get models from if you're looking for something ready-made.

3D Printing Basics: The Slicer! (Ep6)

Does the plethora of options in the Slicer overwhelm you? In this video, I go through the ones you'll actually be using and explain what they do!

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