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5 interesting TED Talks focused on 3D printing

TED Talks are still going strong, just like about 10 years ago. Since the start of these talks there have been lots of innovations, also in the 3D printing Houston industry. This sector has been widely mentioned in the TED Talks, as you can find out in this article....

I Broke a $38,000 3D Printer

The 3D Platform 300 Series Workbench Pro is a BEAST. 1 meter on X, 1 meter on Y, and 0.7 meter on Z. DUAL EXTRUDER with a high-flow 300 watt hot end. 220 Volt and 30 AMP. 

Giant 3D-printer builds a TWO-STORY house in one piece

Belgian company Kamp C recently finished the construction of its first 3D-printed two-story house. The house was printed by a machine called the BOD2, made by a company called COBOD (Construction of...

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