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Carrier USS Stennis Uses 3D Printing to Repair Satcom Terminal

Carrier USS Stennis Uses 3D Printing to Repair Satcom Terminal

Written by David

December 22, 2018

Cmdr. James Rorer, Stennis’ aircraft intermediate maintenance department officer, speaks with Rear Adm. Lorin Selby, chief engineer of Naval Sea Systems Command, about the additive manufacturing equipment installed on the ship in April 2018. (Bremerton, W The crew of the carrier USS John C. Stennis recently deployed a 3D printer to make an underway repair to their commercial satcom antenna. The rotary joint on the ship’s Commercial Broadband System Program (CBSP) failed, which could have brought down the carrier’s internet connection – a key consideration for a warship on an overseas military deployment. “We spent two to three weeks troubleshooting,” said Lt. j.g. Tyler Grimm, the division officer for Stennis ‘ exterior comms maintenance department. “Finally we honed in on the rotary joint. My initial thinking was to get a metal plate manufactured and bolt it into place. We got together with repair division, and [ Stennis ’ chief […]


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