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Carnegie Mellon researchers develop 3D printing for heart valves

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University recently developed a method to rebuild components of the human heart using 3D printing.


The team of researchers made an advanced version of Freeform Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels (FRESH) technology in order to 3D print collagen with complexity to construct components of the human heart. The method spans from small blood vessel to valves and beating ventricles.


The FRESH technology was recently awarded a U.S. patent and is being licensed to FluidForm. “We now have the ability to build constructs that recapitulate key structural, mechanical and biological properties of native tissues,” chief technology officer and co-founder of FluidForm Adam Feinberg said in a press release . “There are still many challenges to overcome to get us to bioengineered 3D organs, but this research represents a major step forward.” Organs, tissues and implants have seen innovations in 3D printing in […]


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