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Can 3D printing revolutionise construction?

Can 3D printing revolutionise construction?

Written by Paul

December 29, 2020

Can 3D printing revolutionise construction. Image credit: AdobeStock By now you’ve probably heard about the process of 3D printing, right?


3D printers are available on many websites around the world, and they range in price, from a cheap 3D printer you can keep on a desk, to huge, industrial models that can have a very impressive printing size. But 3D printers have also penetrated the world of construction, and can now print affordable and beautiful homes, which is a one more step in the direction of solving the housing crisis worldwide. How does it work? A construction 3D printer works according to the same principle as other FDM 3D printers. It has a very stable and rigid frame that supports the nozzle, which moves along this frame and lays the filament in thin layers, until the model is complete. The construction printer does this on a larger scale and uses concrete compounds as a filament. Some construction 3D printers also use a slightly different configuration. In this alternative solution, the nozzle is supported by a ‘handle’ that is supported by a single foothold. It spins around its axis and the nozzle is protruded to the necessary length. These printers […]


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