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Can 3D printing reinvent the prosthetics industry?

Can 3D printing reinvent the prosthetics industry?

Written by David

January 5, 2019

“The traditional process for creating and fitting a leg prosthetic is long, complex, and uncomfortable for the patient,” says ProsFit Co-Founder and CTO Christopher Hutchison. “It involves taking a plaster cast, creating a mold, and casting resin around it. Often this involves several visits to the prosthetist and results in multiple fittings to get a device that is only marginally effective.” Hutchison would know. In 2009, he was involved in an accident that required amputation of both legs. His experience led him to co-found ProsFit in 2013. The mission at ProsFit is to leverage knowledge and technology to enable confident mobility. Said Alan Hutchison, Co-Founder and CEO, “We envision a world where innovation provides limb wearers with a choice of affordable, reliable, and desirable prosthetic products and services.” ProsFit is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, sometimes called the Silicon Valley of Europe. The company works with medium- and large-size prosthetic […]


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