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Can 3D Printed Thermoplastics Replace Metal?

Can 3D Printed Thermoplastics Replace Metal?

Written by David

June 22, 2020

A question being asked is whether a plastic 3D printed part could replace a metal part, and the answer is increasingly, “Yes!”


3D Printed End-Use Parts


Years ago such a question would have been ridiculous. 3D prints were made from weak materials and flimsy construction, suitable only for use as prototypes where one could “look at them”. But don’t look too hard, or they would fall apart. That’s all changed these days. The availability of stronger materials on virtually every type of 3D printer has triggered a small revolution in manufacturing, where parts are now being considered for end-use applications, as opposed to mere prototypes as in the past.


3D printers have been improved to the point where their output is almost at the maximum that could be achieved with their respective 3D printing processes. It’s now possible to obtain 3D […]


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