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Camper Embraces 3D Printing to Streamline Design Process

Camper Embraces 3D Printing to Streamline Design Process

Spanish footwear brand Camper has integrated 3D-printing techniques into its production cycle to speed up the process and expand creative possibilities.


The company has installed a number of desktop printers from 3D-printing company BCN3D Technologies in its Mallorca headquarters. Camper previously used external parties to produce its shoe prototypes. However, this process would take weeks to complete and restricted its ability to make changes or alterations during the design process.


The implementation of 3D printing into its production cycle allows for better and more accurately produced designs, as the designers can print all the necessary parts and materials in a single day. Furthermore, it enhances Camper’s ability to be flexible and reactive with its designs. Moulds are not necessary when 3D-printing shoe models. This means that Camper’s designers have further room for experimentation when it comes to shape and silhouette, and now have the ability to create more complex […]


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