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Campden announces 3D printing seminar

Campden announces 3D printing seminar

Written by David

April 18, 2019

Campden BRI has begun a research project to assess and evaluate how 3D printing applications could benefit the food industry. Ingredient scientist, Gael Delamare, who is leading the team, said: “There have been major steps forward in 3D-printing in recent years and it has made a huge difference to many industries. However, applying the technology to the food sector isn’t straightforward. “There are many factors to consider such as shelf-life, microbiological contamination, printing temperature, textures, rheology and ultimately whether different foodstuffs even lend themselves to being printed,” she continued. “All of these issues need to be catered for in order to meet the expectations of the consumer and to do so safely.” 3D-printing of food is a rapidly growing technology, Campden BRI notes, and new printers are now becoming available that can be used for various types of food materials. These are typically paste-type materials which include chocolate, vegetable […]


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