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C-Mac: 50-year-old manufacturing company gains competitive edge by adopting 3D printing

Australian manufacturing company C-Mac Industries Cooperative Ltd. recently made the decision to invest in 3D printing technologies. The Sydney-based workers cooperative is aiming to reinvigorate the Australian manufacturing industry and its own business by utilizing advanced production techniques. The company cites Australia’s declining manufacturing sector—the country reportedly lost one manufacturing job every 19 minutes between 2008 and 2013—as a reason for bolstering its own manufacturing capabilities and staying up-to-date on emerging technologies. “We have decided to prepare for the future by purchasing 3D printing equipment, learning all about this new style of manufacture and putting the business on a good footing and be in a position to continually adapt to this ever changing and evolving form of manufacture,” said Robert McMaster, a director at C-Mac Industries. “This all started recently in early 2018.” Since installing its first 3D printers ten months ago, C-Mac has already printed various parts for […]


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