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C-5 Super Galaxy gets 3D printed parts

C-5 Super Galaxy gets 3D printed parts

Written by David

February 13, 2019

The US Air Force has had 17 3D printed parts in both polymer and metal installed on a C-5 Super Galaxy transport aircraft, the air force announced on 6 February. The parts have been installed in the cabin and crew bunk areas of the aircraft, including overhead panels, reading and emergency light covers, window reveals and gasper panels. New aluminium seal retention handles, redesigned using additive manufacturing were also installed. The handles have been redesigned to make them more ergonomically friendly, lightweight and robust. 3D printing or additive manufacturing processes reduce build time and eliminate the two tone, multi-coat paint scheme that has been used since the inception of the aircraft. The C-5 Program Office will also install more than 20 more additional polymer and metal printed components on the aircraft, made from titanium and other high strength alloys.


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