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Butte College hatches ‘maker space’ for jobs, skills

Butte College hatches ‘maker space’ for jobs, skills

Written by David

June 17, 2019

BUTTE VALLEY — Kid in a candy store. Crafter in a sewing shop. Woodworker among the power tools. Chef in a kitchen store. The comparisons of what Butte College’s Create Space Maker Lab could mean are nearly endless. The lab debuted last year at the main campus and recently won a statewide award for its quality. Its name says it all. Inside the space are dozens of ways to make and create, ranging from equipment to produce T-shirts or books or 3D creatures or jewelry. Chief creator is Daniel Donnelly, a Butte College instructor who helped build the lab by hatching the idea, finding the grant dollars, doing the research on equipment and then flexing his muscles to make it happen. Muscle flexing included hauling boxes, sweating assembly and trouble shooting, but he said it has been worth opening the door to creativity both for Butte College students and […]


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