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Bulgarian patient receives first 3D printed rib implant

Bulgarian patient receives first 3D printed rib implant

Written by David

December 28, 2018

We cover heaps of research and development concerning the 3D printing of bone , and while the technologies of the field are advancing at a rapid pace, most of the techniques and materials are years away from being applied. That’s why it’s especially exciting when we get to report on present-day applications of 3D printed bone, like the 3D printed rib that was recently implanted into 35-year-old Ivaylo Josifov. Josifov went to the doctor for tonsillitis, but a chest X-ray revealed a growth on his fifth rib caused by a congenital defect. That type of growth could worsen and cause pulmonary problems later in life, so his doctors decided the rib should be removed. The surgery that replaced the tumorous rib with a 3D printed rib took place at Tokuda Hospital in Bulgaria, a first for the country. The rib needed to have exactly the same dimensions as the […]


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