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Building Europe’s largest 3D-printed home

Building Europe's largest 3D-printed home

Written by David

December 1, 2020

Europe’s largest 3D-printed house is being built Location: Wallenhausen, Germany It will be 380 square meters housing five apartments over three stories (


“We have very high building standards in Germany, and this technology is in no way inferior. We are standing in what will be a very energy-efficient house. It will be very well sound-insulated. And of course in terms of design the 3D printer allows us to create all the shapes that you can imagine.” 3D printing is faster than traditional building methods and requires fewer laborers (SOUNDBITE) (German) CEO OF BUILDING CONTRACTOR RUPP BAUDRUCK, FABIAN RUPP, SAYING: “It took two people 25 hours to print the ground floor. In comparison, it usually takes five people five days.” Video Transcript – [SPEAKING GERMAN] FABIAN MEYER-BROETZ: [SPEAKING GERMAN] INTERPRETER: We have very high building standards in Germany. And this […]


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