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British Automotive start-up is disrupting the Automotive Industry through Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and Blockchain.

Carbon Performance is disrupting the famed British automotive industry through its next generation, environmentally sustainable components, that are co-developed by Artificial Intelligence and 3D printed in metals and composites. Being the world’s first automotive consumer retail brand that is developing an entire range of products, built purely out of Additive Manufacturing, Carbon Performance is certainly at the forefront of Industry 4.0. As part of our portfolio and to showcase our capabilities, we recently designed a suspension upright for a Lotus Elise sports car, in order to improve performance and reduce the weight of the component. Some of its features are: 1. 25% lightweight 2. 25% improved camber stiffness 3. Co-developed by AI 4. Organic, Bionic design 5. 3D printed in Aluminium 6. Integrated to Digital ecosystem/Digital thread (QR code) 7. Blockchain integrated Digital Inventory 8. 9 Parts consolidated into 1 Carbon Performance is currently pursuing an investment round to […]


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