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Breakfast is Served: A 3D-Printed Nutella Pancake

Breakfast is Served: A 3D-Printed Nutella Pancake

Written by David

January 26, 2019

People 3D print an array of different things, but food is on an entirely different level. RCLifeOn took on this challenge when they 3D-printed a chocolate layer, which worked with a stepper motor rotating two gears that generated pressure to move the liquid chocolate down the nozzle. Now, RCLifeOn is 3D printing a pancake with Nutella and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “It’s an awesome concept, and who knows, maybe Elon Musk will soon present his food 3D printer?,” says RCLifeOn. “For now I think we’ll have to wait for the future to arrive.” Check out this 3D-printed pancake below. Would you eat it?


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