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Boom Supersonic readies for flight with metal additive manufacturing

Boom Supersonic readies for flight with metal additive manufacturing

Written by Paul

December 20, 2020

Boom’s XB-1 will fly with titanium 3D-printed components manufactured on VELO3D Sapphire systems. The XB-1 is Boom Supersonic’s demonstrator aircraft, unveiled in October 2020, that brings the return of supersonic air travel closer to reality.


Slated to begin flight testing in 2021, XB-1 is a one-third scale demonstrator for the full-sized Overture airliner scheduled to debut in 2025. Early in the project, Boom Supersonic’s design and engineering team studied additive manufacturing (AM) to produce some of their most complex part designs.


“There are many reasons for choosing AM technology over others,” says Boom Engineer Byron Young. “Much of the time and effort in aircraft design goes into joints, the interfaces between components. By designing directly for AM, we can reduce the number of parts and joints, which also reduces time and effort. And part consolidation cuts significant weight.” Geometric freedom Many of Boom’s 3D-printed parts channel air using complex […]


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