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Bone made with 3D printer helps Iowa man walk again

Bone made with 3D printer helps Iowa man walk again

Written by David

April 11, 2019

DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO, CNN VAN) – An Iowa man can walk again thanks to a 3-D printed ankle bone replacement, according to a report from WHO . Ankle bone replacement made from 3D printer helps man walk again. / (Source: WHO, Tribune, CNN VAN) Shaka Robinson learned to live with pain after an accident that happened 20 years ago. “I fell out of a car, and separated my foot from my tibia and fibia [sic] and it was hanging by like a piece of skin,” said Robinson. At the time, doctors reconstructed his ankle with pins, and Robinson went about his life without any problems. The pain came back when he moved to Iowa this past summer. He thought the pain was an injury as a result of doing yard work. Then it became infected and he needed to go to a hospital. A doctor told Robinson a […]


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