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Boeing equips prototype 777X airliner with world’s largest engine

Boeing equips prototype 777X airliner with world's largest engine

Written by David

January 8, 2019

2 pictures The GE9X is the world’s largest fanjet engine Boeing has paired the world’s largest fanjet engine with the world’s largest twin-engine aircraft, the 777X . Photos released by the company show the still incomplete prototype 777X in Boeing’s Renton, Washington, assembly hangar with a General Electric GE9X engine fitted to the port wing as the aircraft is readied for its maiden flight later in 2019. The prototype 777X has been under construction since 2017. Boeing is planning two variants of the long-range, wide-body airliner that is billed as the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world. It’s intended to build on the engineering and interior innovations from the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner and will have the ability to tackle such intercontinental routes as New York to Singapore. With a list price starting at US$350 million, the 777-8 and 777-9 variants will have a range […]


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