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Blind Parents “See” Baby’s Face with 3D Printed Ultrasound Models

Blind Parents “See” Baby’s Face with 3D Printed Ultrasound Models

Written by David

August 24, 2020

People who are blind use their hands to see what their eyes cannot, and 3D printing has been very helpful in creating more tactile opportunities and experiences for the visually impaired, whether it’s learning math skills or taking medication independently.


The technology can also help give blind parents-to-be a really important and powerful experience: the chance to “see” their baby’s face before birth. Melissa Riccobono, President of the Maryland Parents of Blind Children, a division of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), said, “For families, instead of having to show them a picture of an ultrasound, how cool it would be for them to get their hands on it, what the baby is like now.”


By using 3D images from ultrasounds to create a model of the fetus, visually impaired mothers and fathers can actually handle and feel their unborn baby’s face , which is […]


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