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Bioprinting a Healthier Future

Bioprinting a Healthier Future

The unquestionably exciting field of 3D bioprinting is booming. It’s vibrant, determined, and sustained by a robust foundation of decades of research.


Bioprinted organs aren’t yet being transplanted into human subjects; however, complex bioprinted human tissue patterns are vastly accelerating the field, and human tissue is being printed in labs in nearly every country. In a relatively recent breakthrough at the University of Newcastle, U.K., human corneas were successfully 3D printed with the use of a bioprinter and bioink. All it took was scanning a patient’s eye, converting the data into a file for 3D printing, a suitable bioink made of alginate and collagen, stems cells, and 10 minutes of printing for the team to create a patient-specific cornea.


It’s not that simple, of course. But the thrilling part is that it’s happening right now and there’s lots more of it on the way. Here are three applications in […]


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