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BIOMODEX opens new U.S. corporate headquarters for 3D printing medical models

Written by David

February 11, 2019

Paris-based medical technology company BIOMODEX has announced the opening of a new US corporate headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts. The new office will allow the French company to launch its expansion in the United States. The facility includes a 3D printing lab, where the company will manufacture tissue like anatomical replicas for the medical industry. “We’re thrilled to find a home in the Boston-area among some of the world’s most innovative medical technology companies,” said Thomas Marchand, CEO and co-founder of BIOMODEX. “Opening an operation in Massachusetts lays the groundwork for our continued growth and success by providing access to talent and ideas, and allows us to speed turn-around time for our North American customers.” BIOMODEX’s 3D printed medical models. Photo via BIOMODEX. 3D printing complex anatomical replicas Founded in 2014, BIOMODEX 3D prints replicas of patient anatomy , like blood vessels, derived directly from patient-specific medical images, including MRIs […]


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