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Bio-Based Resin Advances Low-Waste Optic 3D Printing

Bio-based photo-resin invented by Lithuanian researchers allows for rapid prototyping with more eco-friendly materials on a variety of 3D-printing platforms. Researchers have made what they said is a considerable advancement toward more sustainable and low-waste additive manufacturing with the development of a new bio-based resin for optic 3D printing.


Lithuanian researchers from Kaunas University of Technology and Vilnius University created the resin, which is comprised of renewable raw materials and can be used in optical 3D printing (O3DP), a rapid prototyping method that currently uses mainly petroleum-derived resins. “Bio-based photo-curable resins for such technologies are not currently available on the market,” explained Jolita Ostrauskaitė, an associate professor at Kaunas University of Technology. The material not only is more eco-friendly than current resins available for these types of systems but is novel in that it allows for the fabrication of parts with both nano-scale and micro-scale features, said Mangirdas Malinauskas, […]


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