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Beyond Orange Peel: Using Waste to 3D Print Cups

Written by David

January 31, 2020

Unlocking the value of a circular economy using 3D printing is leading innovation everywhere. Recovery initiatives to increase sustainability, like reusing plastic waste and turning it into 3D printing filament , are becoming more common.


In tune with the need to care for Earth’s limited resources, Italian studio Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA), in partnership with global energy company Eni, has developed an orange juice bar that turns waste fruit peel (and added PLA) into 3D printed bioplastic cups to drink the freshly-squeezed juice. The prototype orange-squeezing machine, called Feel The Peel, uses oranges to make bioplastic, turns it into filament, and then 3D prints disposable cups to drink the juice.


After premiering at the 40th Annual Rimini Meeting for friendship among peoples , the Circular Juice Bar was also installed at the Singularity University Summit in Milan last October and at Ecomondo Rimini in November, the leading event […]


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