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Best 3D Printing Services for Your Thingiverse Things

Best 3D Printing Services for Your Thingiverse Things

Written by David

April 11, 2019

Back to top While there is no direct Thingiverse 3D printing service, 3D printing a thing from Thingiverse is quite simple. Follow this process and you can have your Thingiverse object in your hands in just a few days! A crocodile head found on Thingiverse. Source: Thingiverse Once you find that awesome object on Thingiverse , you won’t want to wait to print it. So what do you do? If you’ve spent some time on Thingiverse, you may have noticed there’s no “branded” Thingiverse 3D printing service. As such, it may seem a bit overwhelming to figure out how to go from a file on a computer to a 3D printed part in your hand. But there’s no reason to get overwhelmed. It’s easy! In fact, you even have options so you can choose which easy option we present here is the easiest for you. In the following, we […]


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