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Best 3D printers 2018

Best 3D printers 2018 | TechRadar

Written by David

December 31, 2018

In this guide we have collected the best 3D printers that can be purchased for different purposes… from home 3D printers for hobbyists, to professional 3D printers, this list has excellent choices for everyone.


Because these 3D printers are so different from each other, we have not listed them in any order. Therefore, carefully read our collection to see which 3D printer suits you best. There are small, affordable 3D printers that can sit on your desk, as well as expensive 3D printers that can handle large volumes.


Nobody wants to spend all of their time researching the best 3D printers – not to mention spending a lot of money – so our list of the best 3D printers contains clear and concise information about all kinds of 3D printers, so you can find the best 3D printer […]


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