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Benvic develops antibacterial PLA for PPE

The advantages of additive manufacturing have come to the fore over the past months. Additive manufacturing has offered a solution for issues ranging from a shortage of ventilator components to protective masks, making it possible to reproduce parts on a local level to meet unexpected demands.


3D printed parts are easily modified using CAD software and adaptable to changing circumstances with no constraints. One of the most commonly used resins in additive manufacturing is polylactic acid. Italy-based Benvic, which markets an extensive range of PLA compounds for compostable and durable use under the name Plantura, has seen demand for its products rise strongly during the pandemic, the company said. That is particularly true for companies supplying to the medical sector.


Benvic has now developed antibacterial polymer compounds that will prevents bacteria; growth on any kind of plastic surface. Benvic’s bacteriostatic polymer has been tested for compliance to international quality […]


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