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Battle of Software: Sculptris vs ZBrush

Battle of Software: Sculptris vs ZBrush

Written by David

January 14, 2019

Need a 3D modeling software for a sculpting project but don’t know which one you should choose?


ZBrush and Sculptris are two great 3D programs for sculpting purposes, and we decided to do a little battle of software between these two. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two programs!


Sculptris vs ZBrush: Which one is the best for you?


Sculpting software Who needs 3D sculpting software? Professional artists, experienced designers or beginners: more and more people find themselves experimenting with the potential of digital art. The fascinating thing about 3D modeling is that it can let everyone express themselves and give birth to the imaginary characters you want to create! Sculpting software are programs offering some special tools allowing actions similar to working on a real-life model made out of clay. What are these specific actions? Digital sculpting allows pushing, pulling, smoothing, grabbing or pinching, […]


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