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Baltimore manufacturing students 3D print violins for their music department

Written by Paul

October 9, 2018

A Baltimore high school manufacturing program is teaming up with its music department in a creative way, making 3D-printed violins. When technology and music come together, great things can happen. “There’s not a lot of females in the machine operations period, so to know I can make a difference as a female is good,” said senior Teona Parker. Students in the advanced manufacturing program at Carver Vocational-Technical High School on Baltimore’s west side are proud of what they’ve created and decided to gift their music department with several electric 3D-printed violins. “We came up with the idea as a surprise, and we talked with the music teacher and he was all for it. And like I said, it was like a handshake, we like to shake hands with other trades here in our school,” said Joseph Bernhart, a manufacturing teacher. The students still have several steps before the final […]

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