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Automotive manufacturer Musashi partners with KeraCel to accelerate 3D printed solid-state batteries

Written by David

August 10, 2019

Musashi Seimitsu Industry, a Japanese automotive manufacturing company, has announced a partnership with battery developer KeraCel to develop and bring-to-market 3D printed solid-state batteries for the automotive sector.


As a strategic partner, Musashi will support the accelerated development of KeraCel’s additive manufacturing technology for solid-state batteries in order to scale it for high-volume production. Musashi’s partnership with KeraCel is in line with the automotive manufacturer’s increased focus on developing more eco-friendly and sustainable products. As a leading provider of motorcycle and car products, the company hopes to leverage KeraCel’s unique 3D printing technology to integrate safe, solid-state batteries into its products.


Hiroshi Otsuka, President and CEO of Musashi Group, commented on the new partnership, saying: “We are excited to explore the technological innovation for solid state batteries together with KeraCel.” Founded in 2016, KeraCel has invented a new type of battery that reportedly has double the energy of today’s […]


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