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Autodesk Workshop Guide: Form 2 3D Printer

Autodesk Workshop Guide: Form 2 3D Printer

Written by David

November 6, 2018

About: We are a multidisciplinary team of innovators, fabricators and industry leaders who partner with our shop users to facilitate their diverse projects in a collaborative and supportive learning environment usi… More About p9shopstaff » Intro: Autodesk Workshop Guide: Form 2 3D Printer This Instructable is for Workshop Users at the Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco This Instructable explains how to use the Formlabs Form 2 professional desktop 3D Printer. The Form 2 is a stereolithography printer that cures liquid plastic resin using a laser; it is able to produce parts with excellent dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and mechanical characteristics in a wide variety of materials, and features a fast, accessible, and efficient workflow. Requirements for using the Form 2 3D printer at Pier 9: Take General Workshop Safety Class Read through all the pages of this Instructable Find Shop Staff to go through Safety Check-off Step 1: […]


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