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Australians could be implanted with 3D printed organs in less than a decade

Written by David

April 11, 2019

3D printing technologies are now so advanced they can create structures on a nanoscale. But how close are we to seeing 3D printed organs in the market? Professor Hala Zreiqat and Dr Peter Newman from the University of Sydney explain. From cures for cancer to fusion power and driverless cars, almost every technology seems to be perpetually five-to-ten years away, according to Newman and Zreiqat. For researchers, “five to ten years away” means it’s been worked on it for quite a while and it seems feasible. How stem cell research has changed since the 1800s Over the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in stem cell research. Since the mid-1800s, researchers have been growing cells in sheets layered on top of glass and plastic dishes. This method is the cornerstone of biological research and its impact has been immeasurable – it’s responsible for the development of vaccines […]


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