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Aurora Labs marks major step in launch of RMP1 Beta 3D printer

Aurora Labs to commission testing of RMP1 Beta Printer. Australian metal 3D printing company, Aurora Labs has announced it’s now ready to launch the testing phase of its RMP1 Beta Printer. The machine is a pre-production version of the RMP1 system, which will be commercially available later this year, and is set to undergo its first live tests including machine calibration, printing and sample part production. “The fact that the RMP1 Beta Printer is operational is a key milestone for the team here. Developing and refining our technology has been long in the making and the RMP1 Beta Printer is now built and ready to go live,” David Budge, Managing Director at Aurora Labs commented. “We are transitioning from a heavy R&D phase with the RMP1 Beta Printer and we will now be able to move to a commercialisation and sales stage much more strongly with the technology we […]


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