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Are Your 3D Designs Being Stolen?

I’m reading a detailed post by Ars Technica on automated theft of AutoCAD designs, but is this also applicable to 3D print designs?

The post explains that multiple nefarious characters have long been using scripts as a means of industrial espionage. These scripts are secretly installed on Autodesk AutoCAD instances, and then silently relay encountered designs back to the originator.

The scripts are installed through standard phishing approaches, in which innocuous-appearing messages encourage recipients to click on links that ultimately install malware scripts into the AutoCAD system. The scripts are written in AutoCAD Lisp, a derivative of the original Lisp programming language.

Normally such scripts are used to enhance the experience of the AutoCAD user in various ways. But in this case, they are used for unethical purposes. Ars Technica’s Dan Goodin writes: “Forcepoint said it has tracked more than 200 data sets and about 40 unique malicious modules, […]


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