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Are 3D-Printed Homes the Answer to the Bay Area Housing Crisis?

Are 3D-Printed Homes the Answer to the Bay Area Housing Crisis?

Written by Paul

January 11, 2021

One startup is hoping that its 3D-printed dwellings will play a part in the battle for affordable housing by making shelter quicker and more affordably than other options on the market.


Shutterstock (TNS) — In a cavernous warehouse near the Oakland Coliseum, a 3-D printer extrudes a secret blend of minerals and plastic polymer that’s hardened into a heavy stone-like form under ultraviolet light. The end result of that alchemy? A move-in-ready, robot-made modular home from technology startup Mighty Buildings. Backed by $30 million in venture capital, Mighty Buildings is following a classic Bay Area startup recipe: use technology to address a big problem and — it hopes — disrupt an existing industry. The company claims it will be able to make homes faster, cheaper and greener than traditional builders and help solve a persistent housing crisis in the Bay Area and beyond. “We are revolutionizing an industry by introducing more efficient materials and more efficient technology that isn’t tailored to certain designs,” said chief operating officer Alexey Dubov, an engineer who co-founded the company in 2017 with physicists Slava Solonitsyn, the CEO, and chief technical officer Dmitry Starodubtsev. But while housing experts see promise in the technology and […]


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