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Applying integrated computational materials engineering to additive manufacturing

Written by David

February 1, 2019

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) is an emerging digital field seeking to improve the way things are designed and manufactured. Under PRISM2 (The Partnership for Research in Simulation of Manufacturing and Materials) the University of Birmingham is applying ICME to additive manufacturing and other processes. In a recent discussion , the PRISM2 group reveals the benefits of ICME to a selective laser melting (SLM) production framework. An example Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) information flow. Image via G.j.schmitz, WikiMedia Commons Reducing time to market and improving performance Through its investigation of ICME, the PRISM2 team seeks to reduce the time to market and increase the performance of components. More specifically, they hope to create CAD/CAM software solutions that create a dialogue between component modelling, material microstructure, component properties and novel manufacturing technologies. Working closely with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and High Temperature Research Centre (HTRC) in Coventry, ICME […]

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