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Another Additive Manufacturing Company Pivots

Along with loss and grief, the pandemic has caused a great deal of change. One of those changes has been in 3D printing.


In recent weeks we’ve written about a phenomenon playing out across the 3D printing universe in which companies have suddenly discovered entirely new lines of business as a result of the pandemic. It seems that the ability of 3D printing to very rapidly set up new production lines has been “discovered” by buyers looking frantically for products.


This has played out in several notable situations, such as Photocentric in the UK, and Formlabs in the USA. Both manufacture 3D printers and with the sudden slowdown of business as the pandemic struck, they repurposed their considerable inventories of equipment to become a new kind of manufacturer. This transformation of 3D printer companies is happening elsewhere. Precision ADM Certifications Another company that’s undergone a similar […]


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