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Another 3D Printed House To Go Up This Summer

Another 3D Printed House To Go Up This Summer

Written by David

June 29, 2020

A new project in the Czech Republic will produce a small 3D printed house called “Prvok”.


The project’s members include Buřinka – Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny (Buřinka) and sculptor Michal Trpák. Buřinka explains their role in the project:


”We are not afraid to walk a path that no one has throdden before us. Now. A project that will move the world of construction and housing to new, necessary dimensions. We look at our clients’ dreams of living through a lens in which everyone literally designs their own bespoke home. It is fast and affordable. We help to make these dreams come true.”


Prvok House Design Inside the 3D printed house [Source: Prvok] The Prvok house design is, as you might expect, rather simple. In the West it might be termed a “tiny house”, but nevertheless quite suitable for living. It’s a […]


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