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Anodised aluminium added to Protolabs’ repertoire

Anodised aluminium added to Protolabs’ repertoire

Written by David

March 20, 2019

Protolabs’ UK base in the West Midlands is now offering aluminium anodising as part of its on-demand production service – allowing for initial part design through to a finished protected all from the same supplier. Anodising applies a thin, protective coat to the part forming a protective oxide layer, creating a barrier against corrosion, increased abrasion resistance and adds a decorative effect through enhanced surface finish and dyes. Protolabs currently offers two levels of anodising: For parts needing protection against a harsh environment it provides hard anodising to ISI 10074, whereas if an aesthetic finish is required, then decorative anodising to ISO 7599 is available. The service is suitable for parts manufactured from Aluminium 6082 and 7075. All of the parts are sealed as part of the standard process unless they are due to be painted after anodising, in which case the company’s technical team is able to advise […]


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