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Anisoprint launches new composite basalt fiber material for continuous fiber 3D printing

Anisoprint , a Skolkovo-based company that is emerging as the first direct competitor to Markforged’s composite 3D printing technology , is introducing a new composite basalt fiber material for use with its 3D printers. The new material is said to have better properties than metal or plastic: 15 times stronger than plastic, 5 times lighter than steel, 1.5 times stronger and lighter than aluminum. It is now available on the company0’s website together with the Anisoprint Composer 3D Printer. The company is reporting that by using anisoprinting technology with CBF, overall part costs can be cut by half, if compared to parts produced using metal or high-performance plastics. In a recent application case, a helicopter factory needed a mold for sheet metal forming. The die needed to be able to bear a 400 bar pressure. Plywood’s — the traditional material used in this case— has a short lifespan. A […]


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