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Analysing how 3D printing could transform the power sector

Analysing how 3D printing could transform the power sector

Written by David

March 19, 2019

From rapidly producing gas and steam turbines to improving the efficiency of battery storage, 3D printing has the potential to provide a boost to the energy industry, according to GlobalData Various equipment such as wind turbines can be produced quickly and efficiently using 3D printing (Credit: Gary Goldberg) The initial hype over 3D printing may have cooled down somewhat but it’s only just getting started in the power industry where it could be transformative, according to GlobalData. The market intelligence firm ‘s 3D Printing – Potential Game Changer for Global Power Market report suggests additive manufacturing has already proved beneficial in building prototypes and helping simplify main stream production. Its advantages over traditional manufacturing include the ability to produce components with complex geometries, consume fewer raw-materials, produce less waste, reduce energy consumption and decrease time-to-market. Practice head of power at GlobalData Ankit Mathur said: “ With the power industry […]


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