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Analog Sky Drifter is a Customizable 3D Printed Binocular Telescope

Written by David

September 10, 2019

The Analog Sky Drifter is a customizable, mostly 3D printed binocular telescope which will be on Kickstarter soon. If you’re a sky gazer, you may want to consider 3D printing your own telescope.


As Robert Asumendi found, the technology can be extremely useful for customization. Asumendi began with a design, a desktop 3D printer and built his own telescope which addresses his severe astigmatism. He explains:


“3D printing allows you to imagine something entirely new and hold it in your hands a few hours later. I found there were no existing off-the-shelf telescope parts to meet my design goals, and discovered the geometry of some of those parts would be really challenging and expensive to machine.”


As he has a background in graphic design and considerable experience in 3D modeling, all Asumendi needed to do was learn how to use CAD programs and start 3D printing in order to […]


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