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AmazonBasics PLA 3D Printer Filament Review

Written by David

March 14, 2019

For those looking to 3D print on the cheap, AmazonBasics filaments seem to be a perfect solution. But are they really all that good? We got a spool of PLA to test, so let’s find out!


Pretty much everybody has heard of Amazon, the online retail giant. Recently, they have begun offering their own brand of filaments for 3D printing, marketing towards the everyday consumer and hobbyist.


The advantages of such a product are obvious: Amazon is a global company and well-known for its reliability. As the filament is their own product, it will always boast the impressively fast Prime shipping, and if you don’t like it, the Amazon return service is legendary. It’s also backed by an Amazon 1-year limited warranty. As for the product itself, well, Amazon hasn’t skimped on quality. Boasting a plus […]


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