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Amazon Drones, Prescription Drugs, And 3D Printing

Amazon Drones, Prescription Drugs, And 3D Printing

Written by David

December 6, 2020

Amazon Prime Air Drone [Source: Financial Times ] Charles R. Goulding and Adam Friedman consider how 3D printing might play into Amazon’s use of drone-delivered prescriptions. Amazon’s business decisions have a tremendous impact on many business areas.


On November 20, 2020, it was reported that Amazon is restructuring their drone design staff and outsourcing this work to Aernnova Aerospace and FACC Aerospace. It comes during a period when investment in drone businesses has increased at an exponential rate. Together, Amazon Prime Air and Amazon Pharmacy will influence the logistics, aircraft and pharmaceutical business as well as expand the market for consumer pharmaceutical deliveries and medicine shipment through drone air traffic. For Amazon, the two aforementioned European companies have strong aerospace design operations and will bring benefits to the development of the Amazon MK27 drone. Aernnova, based out of the town of Alvala, Spain, is a multinational company that has […]


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