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Amaero’s high-performance aluminum alloy enters final stage of patent approval

Metal AM specialist Amaero has announced that its high-performance 3D printing aluminum alloy, Amaero HOT Al, has entered the national phase (fourth and final stage) of international patent approval.


The patent was submitted as part of the Patent Co-operation Treaty, whereby more than 150 participating countries recognise an invention and protect it through one single ‘international patent’. This way, the inventor doesn’t need to run through multiple patent applications to have their work recognised globally.


Barrie Finnin, CEO of Amaero, states: “There has been a significant amount of work completed over more than half a century to improve the heat tolerance of aluminium alloys, to allow them to withstand higher operating temperatures without degradation of mechanical properties. Today, we have a solution through the company’s newly developed Aluminium-scandium alloy, Amaero HOT Al.” The performance of Amaero HOT Al compared to alternate aluminium alloys. Image via Amaero. High-performance aluminum alloys […]


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