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AM Ventures leads €1.38M seed round for silicone 3D printing service Spectroplast

Written by David

August 13, 2019

Spectroplast AG , a silicone 3D printing service provider and spin out of ETH Zürich , has raised €1.38 million ($1.54 million) in seed funding. Money raised will be used to help the company scale its production services, and find its position as a leader in the field.


Indicating demand created by a growing customer base, Manuel Schaffner, Spectroplast’s CEO, said, “It is our defined mission to become the world’s leading provider of customized silicone products.” At present, Schaffner added, 3D printing as an industry is “just starting to understand” how powerful functional products can be when combined with industrial scale manufacturing. The round was led by the award winning investment company AM Ventures . “Having the financial support and domain expertise of AM Ventures will help us execute our mission even more rapidly and broadly,” concluded the CEO. A flexible, 3D printed silicone lattice. Photo via Spectroplast Silicone […]

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