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AM Focus webinar explores maritime (and marine) case studies

AM Focus webinar explores maritime (and marine) case studies [video]

Written by David

May 5, 2019

Following the success of previous AM Focus webinars , 3dpbm held the fourth installment in the series for the current year. Sailing the seas of AM applications for the maritime and the marine industries, the webinar touched upon adjacent segments such as the yacht-making industry and oil and gas, to highlight key advantages of integrating different types of AM technologies and materials in production workflows. In this voyage, we were steered toward land by some of the leading stakeholders of this fascinating vertical segment of AM. We discuss some of the key hardware, materials and applications that are putting steam into the AM engine for maritime and marine part production. The was completely free to join and all registrants will receive a video recording of the entire session, directly to their inboxes. If you did not register, you can also watch the recording below, by signing up to 3dpbm’s […]


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