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Aluminum 3D Printing with ValCUN’s Molten Metal Deposition

Whereas 3D printing has traditionally been used to make a lot of high-end parts in which weight saving and the texture or form make a high-value 3D-printed part worthwhile, lower costs would greatly increase the number of parts made industrially with 3D printing.


Belgium based ValCUN is one of a new wave of firms that are trying to make metal 3D printing more affordable. Rather than producing thousands of parts for aircraft, spacecraft, and orthopedics, these firms are hoping to fabricate millions of parts for industry.


ValCUN was started specifically to meet the opportunity for more quotidian parts, avoiding lasers and powder to, as the company claims, be able to work with any feedstock. For now, the company is focused on aluminum. The company has even touted being able to use scrap metal and even cans. It also says that it is an order of […]


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