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All 10 Types of 3D Printing Technology in 2018

All 10 Types of 3D Printing Technology in 2018

Written by David

September 17, 2018

If you’re new to the wonderful world of 3D printing, then may we be the first to offer you a warm welcome. You’re going to have lots of fun. The immediate challenge newcomers face with 3D printing technology is distinguishing between the different processes and materials available. What’s the difference between types of 3D printing like FDM and SLS, for example? Or SLS and DLP? Or EBM and DMLS? It can be pretty confusing. With so many different acronyms, you’d be forgiven for mistaking a type of 3D printing for a genre of dance music. The first thing to understand is that 3D printing is actually an umbrella term that encompasses a group of 3D printing processes. The ISO/ASTM 52900 standard, which was created in 2015, aims to standardize all terminology and classify each of the different types of 3D printer. In total, seven different categories of additive manufacturing […]


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