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Alfawise U20 – Here are the Best Cura Profile Settings

Alfawise U20 – Here are the Best Cura Profile Settings

Written by David

February 3, 2019

When we reviewed the Alfawise U20 in the All3DP office, we were surprisingly impressed with how this machine was able to handle multiple types of PLA filament with elegance and grace.


Prior to achieving these prints, however, we encountered a glaring issue that created quite the headache for our editorial team. The problem? Well, our review unit came with an antiquated version of Ultimaker Cura, a freely available 3D printing slicer software that is the go-to choice for a significant portion of the maker community, and a printer profile that led to lackluster results.


The SD card came with a copy of Cura 15.04.3, a version that was originally released back in 2015, along with pre-determined settings that didn’t do the print quality any justice. Unfortunately, using this profile and edition of Cura, we were unable to produce prints in decent quality. We did fare better when switching to […]


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